Childrens Foot Problems

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Common podiatric problems affecting children

childrens feet problemsFlat or pronated feet: overpronation, characterised by inward rolling of the feet and ankles, either as a result of flat feet or other causes can sometimes result in ankle, knee, hip and lower back pain. These conditions can often resolve with age, however footwear and orthotics are sometimes recommended to assist in pain relief.

Calcaneal Apophysitis: in children, pain around the heels is usually a sign of Calcaneal Apophysitis. Calcaneal Apophysitis will ultimately resolve as the growth plate around the heel bone fully develops and the bones fuse by approximately age 15. Early treatment can relieve discomfort and maintain sporting participation.

OsgoodSchlatters disease: this variant of knee pain may be related to poor biomechanics of the lower leg. Orthotics may aid pain relief.

Ingrown toenails: ingrown toenails can be present at birth and are common in growing feet, particularly as shoes become too tight. Clinical treatment is recommended to avoid infection and minor surgery may be required for more serious cases.

Viruses and fungal infections: Warts and Tinea Pedis are the most common viral and fungal infections affecting children. The prevalence of these conditions is via dark, moist areas at swimming pools and similar environments where viruses and fungi can be contracted by barefoot walking on wet floors.

Conditions including in-toeing, out-toeing, bowed legs and knocked knees are seen to varying degrees in children under the age of four years. A podiatrist should be consulted if a child has foot or leg pain or these common conditions are not reducing with time, especially in school aged children.

Children and teens can experience foot pain that affects their play and interactions at school. If you are concerned about a child's feet, legs or walking, a podiatrist can assess and assist.

As well as providing treatment for all the conditions previously described that can affect both adult, adolescent and  young children’s feet Matthew can provide diagnosis, treatment and advice for the following:

  • In toeing and out toeing gait problems
  • Osgood schlatters disease
  • Sever’s disease of the heel
  • Knock knees and Bow legs


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