Services: Calluses and Corns

cornsThese are very common conditions that are regularly treated by podiatrists. They are often a symptom of an underlying condition. There are many different causes but the most common contributing factors are ill fitting footwear, toe deformities such as hammer toes or bony prominences from injuries or operations. These can cause areas of pressure when walking and/or gait abnormalities that can increase areas of pressure on the foot.

Correct diagnosis and assessment is vital and self -treatment with “cure paints” or “corn cures’ should be avoided until you have had an assessment from Matthew. Treatment is directed at painless removal of the corn and/or callus and then comprehensive advice on preventing or reducing the chances of reoccurrence. Corns are often misdiagnosed as Plantar Warts!! Warts are caused by a virus corns are not!!

Make sure you get a proper diagnosis!


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